NCCN treatment guidelines

Pralsetinib is a NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology (NCCN Guidelines®)–recommended Treatment Option2,3

NCCN Guidelines® recommend pralsetinib (GAVRETO) as a Category 2A*:

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preferred first-line treatment option for RET fusion-positive metastatic NSCLC2*

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preferred treatment option for select patients with recurrent/persistent locoregional or distant metastatic RET mutation-positive MTC3

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systemic treatment option for structurally persistent/recurrent locoregional or distant metastatic RET fusion-positive PTC not amenable to RAI therapy3

*See the NCCN Guidelines for NSCLC and thyroid carcinoma for detailed recommendations, including other preferred options.
For locoregional, unresectable medullary thyroid cancer that is symptomatic or progressing by RECIST criteria; or for distantly metastatic disease that is symptomatic or progressive; or for distantly metastatic disease that is asymptomatic and unresectable or progressing by RECIST criteria.
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NSCLC=non–small cell lung cancer; MTC=medullary thyroid cancer; NCCN®=National Comprehensive Cancer Network®; PTC=papillary thyroid cancer; RAI=radioactive iodine; RECIST=Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors.