Financial Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to common questions about support and resources from Genentech for patients who have been prescribed GAVRETO.

Finding support FAQs

Regardless of the type of health insurance your patients have – and even if they don't have any – there may be options available to help them afford GAVRETO. 

Get details on potential programs.

You can check patient eligibility online. The financial assistance tool will guide the patient through some of their options and let them know which financial support programs may be right for them.

Here are a few things you or your patient may need on hand:

  • Patient information: full name, date of birth, mailing address, email, phone (home and/or mobile) and insurance information
  • Prescribing doctor's information: complete contact information, primary diagnosis code and prescription details
  • Patient's financial eligibility information: number of people in the patient's household (including patient) and annual net household income

Each program has its own time period in which eligible patients will receive assistance.

GAVRETO Access Solutions may be able to help patients understand how to get the medicine they need. GAVRETO Access Solutions can find out:

  • If the health insurance plan covers the GAVRETO medicine
  • How much the co-pay will be

Even with health insurance, there may be concerns about the cost of treatment. GAVRETO Access Solutions can refer patients to financial assistance options.

To learn more about potential financial assistance options, visit the Financial Assistance Options page.

Patients facing a coverage delay may be eligible for the SureStart Program while awaiting insurance verification. If you would like your patient considered for the SureStart Program, you can indicate that when enrolling in GAVRETO Access Solutions with the Prescriber Service Form. You will also need to have your patient complete the Patient Consent Form.

Eligible patients can receive a a 30-day supply of GAVRETO. Once coverage has been determined, the patient no longer qualifies for the SureStart Program.

Subject to eligibility requirements and terms and conditions. This program is void where prohibited by law and may not be used in or by residents of restricted states, if applicable.


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Insurance coverage FAQs

No matter what type of health insurance your patients have, and even if they have none at all, there may be options available to help afford GAVRETO. 

Review some of the potential options and get started.

GAVRETO Access Solutions is your resource for access and reimbursement support after GAVRETO is prescribed. You can:

No. If the patient's health insurance plan denied coverage for GAVRETO (after submission of a Prior Authorization, if required), the patient can apply for help from the Genentech Patient Foundation. The patient does not need to send proof of the appeal to get help.

Learn more about the Genentech Patient Foundation, including eligibility criteria and how to apply.

GAVRETO Access Solutions can help your patients better understand their coverage, find financial assistance options, learn how to get GAVRETO, understand which specialty pharmacy their health insurance plan requires, reverify coverage if needed and enroll in additional support options in the event of a coverage delay.