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GAVRETO Access Solutions offers a range of access and reimbursement resources for your patients and practice after GAVRETO is prescribed, including help with benefits investigations (BIs), resources for prior authorizations (PAs), sample billing and coding information, resources for denials and appeals, information about distribution and referrals to potential financial assistance options.

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Get help understanding insurance benefits and coverage, such as with benefits investigations and prior authorization resources.

Benefits investigations

GAVRETO Access Solutions can conduct a benefits investigation (BI) which can determine:

  • If treatment is covered
  • If treatment is denied
  • If a prior authorization or pre-determination is required*
  • If your patient's insurance plan has a mandated or preferred SP

*If your patient’s request for a prior authorization is not granted, your GAVRETO Access Solutions Specialist can work with you to determine your next steps.

Get started with enrollment by following the steps below.

Option 1: Submit forms online

If your practice has a registered account for My Patient Solutions, you can get started by logging into your account.

Don't have an account?

Your patient is required to complete the Patient Consent Form. You can either upload their Patient Consent Form as part of your application or have your patient submit the form via fax, text or e-submit.

  • An online tool to help you enroll patients in GAVRETO Access Solutions and manage your service requests at your convenience

Option 2: Print forms and fax or text

Step 1: Print one of the Patient Consent Forms below for your patient to complete.

Step 2: Print and complete the Prescriber Service Form below.

Step 3: Submit the completed forms via fax or text.

Both forms are required. We must have both the Patient Consent Form and the Prescriber Service Form before we can help you.

What to expect next:

  • The request will be processed within five business days upon receipt of both required forms.
  • Your office will be contacted to discuss the application outcome and any next steps.

Genentech reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time and to verify the accuracy of information submitted.

The completion and submission of coverage- or reimbursement-related documentation are the responsibility of the patient and healthcare provider. Genentech makes no representation or guarantee concerning coverage or reimbursement for any service or item.

SureStart Program

Patients facing a coverage delay may be eligible for the SureStart Program while awaiting insurance verification. If you would like your patient considered for the SureStart Program, you can indicate that when enrolling in GAVRETO Access Solutions with the Prescriber Service Form. You will also need to have your patient complete the Patient Consent Form.

Eligible patients can receive a a 30-day supply of GAVRETO. Once coverage has been determined, the patient no longer qualifies for the SureStart Program.

Subject to eligibility requirements and terms and conditions. This program is void where prohibited by law and may not be used in or by residents of restricted states, if applicable.


GAVRETO Benefits Reverification

GAVRETO Access Solutions can help your patients better understand their coverage, find financial assistance options, learn how to get GAVRETO, understand which specialty pharmacy their health insurance plan requires, reverify coverage if needed and enroll in additional support options in the event of a coverage delay.

If the patient’s health insurance plan denies the request for reverification, your practice may file an appeal on behalf of your patient.


Sample coding information and resources for denials and appeals

GAVRETO Sample Coding

This coding information may assist you as you complete the payer forms for GAVRETO. These tables are provided for informational purposes only. Please visit or other payers’ websites to obtain additional guidance on their processes related to billing and coding.

Download sample coding and the important safety information for GAVRETO below.

Correct coding is the responsibility of the provider submitting the claim for the item or service. Please check with the payer to verify codes and special billing requirements. Genentech does not make any representation or guarantee concerning reimbursement or coverage for any service or item.


If your patient’s health insurance plan has issued a denial, your GAVRETO Access Solutions Specialist can provide resources as you prepare an appeal submission, as per your patient’s plan requirements. 

If a plan issues a denial: 

  1. The denial should be reviewed, along with the health insurance plan’s guidelines to determine what to include in your patient’s appeal submission.
  2. Your GAVRETO Access Solutions Specialist has local payer coverage expertise and can help you determine specific requirements for your patient.

A sample appeal letter and additional considerations are available on the Practice Forms and Documents page.

Appeals cannot be completed or submitted by Genentech on your behalf.

Online patient enrollment

My Patient Solutions is an online tool to help you enroll patients in GAVRETO Access Solutions and manage your service requests, all through one portal. It allows you the flexibility to work with GAVRETO Access Solutions when it’s convenient for you.

With My Patient Solutions, you can:

  • Enroll and re-enroll patients in financial assistance programs entirely online
  • Communicate with your GAVRETO Access Solutions Specialist
  • Easily identify next steps for service requests
  • View Benefits Investigation reports for all your enrolled patients
  • Follow up on prior authorizations or appeals
  • View co-pay assistance outcomes and referral information

How to register

Account registration can be completed by one person for the entire practice and for multiple practice locations. For help with registration or if you have questions, call us at 877-GENENTECH (877-436-3683) (6AM-5PM PST, Monday through Friday).

GAVRETO Distribution

GAVRETO Access Solutions works with specialty pharmacies (SPs) to help patients receive their prescribed Genentech medicines.

In addition to distributing medicines, an SP may provide the following services:

  • Reimbursement resources
  • Clinical services to help patients throughout their treatment
  • The ability to manage the specialty handling and shipping needs linked with many specialty therapies

You can work with your preferred SP or contact GAVRETO Access Solutions to learn which SP the patient’s health insurance plan mandates or prefers.

Genentech does not influence or advocate the use of any one specialty distributor or specialty pharmacy. We make no representation or guarantee of service or coverage of any item. For any product-specific distribution questions, call GAVRETO Access Solutions at 888-249-4918 (6AM-5PM PST, Monday through Friday).

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